Do we service residential properties? 
No, we specialize in commercial snow removal and ice control.

What kind of salt do we use on parking lots? 
We use bulk rock salt that we apply using our medium duty dump trucks.

Do we use rock salt on sidewalks? 
No, we use a special ice melter blend of calcium/magnesium chloride, which is less harmful to sidewalk surfaces and more effective at lower temperatures in these sensitive areas.

Do you have access extra equipment, when needed? 
Yes! We maintain back-up trucks in our fleet to ensure that we have equipment available in the event of break downs or extreme weather.  If we see the need to expand our fleet, we will not hesitate to buy more equipment.

Do we offer salting by request only?
No, our deicing service is automatic.  We continuously monitor parking lots and sidewalks for slippery conditions, and apply salt and ice melter when necessary.  You can, however, request additional applications.

Do we offer our plowing service without the salting? 
No, because of liability it is our policy to salt every customer.  However, we do tailor the level of salting service, based on the customer's needs.

Do we offer all-inclusive seasonal plow and salt quotes? 
Yes, upon request.  After determining your company's unique needs, we can provide a seasonal price for parking lot plowing and salting, and side walk shoveling and deicing on your property.

How long has Gresham's been in business? 
Since 1970!  We have been proudly serving Oakland County businesses for forty years. Then in 1979, the Macomb County Division was launched. Together we are proud to be a locally owned and operated family business.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain safe winter environments for our customers by providing responsive, efficient, and reliable snow removal and ice control services.



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